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LaboSafe is active in the field of industrial safety, being the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of the products of GIA-Premix, famous Swedish producer of emergency security shower. We also represent the famous EyeSpray fisrt-Aid eyewashes.

Our company is also active in the field of water treatment - drinking water, waste water and industrial water. We are in a position to meet, using high technologies and processes, a large scope of needs. Our services cover the engineering and planning of the best possible solution, the supply of the equipment and, on request, the installation. Our experience covers water treatment using Ozone generators, UV system, as well as chloration, filtering and measure equipment.

Our company benefits from a long experience in several fields in relation with water. Our skills are widely appreciated by our clients in Switzerland as well as abroad.

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Spin-off of a family-owned company founded in 1878, we are proud to perpetuate a tradition of quality and skills at the service of our clients.

Our structure allows us offering a fexibility, an availability and a reactivity, together with benefiting from a large net of skilled partners.


Microzon®: A new product allowing reducing micropollutants in waste water using ozone.


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